Creating a Plugin

For a simpler way to create plugins, please see Creating an EZPlugin.

For those more familiar with Python, it is possible to create more complex plugins by deriving a plugin provided by the xicam.plugins module.

Registering a plugin

After creating your plugin, you must register it using “Entry Points” so that Xi-cam can find it. Entry Points are a Python packaging mechanism allowing tools to discover pluggable components.

To define an entry point for your plugin, we add to the of your package. For example, to define an entry point for a GUIPlugin class named "my_plugin" in the xicam.awesomeplugin module, we add:

        'xicam.plugins.GUIPlugin': ['my_plugins_name = xicam.awesomeplugin:my_plugin',], 

Multiple plugins can be defined in this way within the same Python package.